Selected Ohio Democratic Party County Constitutions

County (linked)
How Often Reorganized (in years)
Primary Endorsements Prior To Filing Deadline?
Executive Committee Responsible For Endorsements?
All Central Committee members are members of Executuve Committee?
Votes Needed For Endorsement
Link to County Constitution
1314241Cuyahoga4not specifiedYesNo60%Cuyahoga Constitution PDF
1095662Franklin4YesYesNomajorityFranklin Constitution PDF
822596Hamilton4not specifiednot specifiedNonot specifiedHamilton Constitution PDF
545931Summit2unclearnoNomajoritySummit Constitution PDF
542237Montgomery4YesnoNo2/3Montgomery Constitution PDF
445281Lucas4NonoNomajorityLucas Constitution PDF
380575Stark4yesyesNo2/3Stark Constitution PDF
354992Butler4YesyesYes60%Butler Constitution PDF
301993Lorain4not specifiednot specifiedNonot specifiedLorain Constitution PDF
251026Mahoning2nonoNomajorityMahoning Constitution PDF
232892Lake2not specifiednoNo2/3Lake Constitution PDF
217362Trumbull4not specifiednoNomajorityTrumbull Constitution PDF
201871Warrennot specifiedyesYesYes60%Warren Constitution PDF
192706Clermontnot specifiedyesYesNo2/3Clermont Constitution PDF
169353Medina4not specifiednot specifiedNonot specifiedMedina Constitution PDF
156697Delawarenot specifiedyesyesYes60%Delaware Constitution PDF
156287Licking 4not specifiednot specifiedNonot specifiedLicking Constitution PDF
155012Portagenot specifiedyesyesYesmajorityPortage Constitution PDF
140591Fairfieldnot specifiedyesnoNo60%Fairfield Constitution PDF
127010Richland4yesyesnot specifiednot specifiedRichland Constitution PDF
113950Waynenot specifiednot specifiednot specifiednot specifiednot specifiedWayne Constitution PDF
110542Columbiananot specifiedyesyesnot specified60%Columbiana Constitution PDF
105788Allennot specifiedyesyesNo60%Allen Constitution PDF
102703Ashtabulanot specifiednonoNo2/3Ashtabula Constitution PDF

AllenTreasurer shall compile a list once a year of all monies and contributions received and make report to Central Committee
AshtabulaThe policy is to not endorse for open seats. Members may be removed from the Executive Committee if they miss three consecutive meetings.
ButlerThere is an Executive Council that screens candidates for endorsements
ClermontNo pre-primary endorsements unless 66% of Executive Committee agrees.
ColumbianaCalls itself : Columbiana County Democrat Party.
CuyahogaChair may appoint up to 350 members to the Executive Committee, who may or may not be Precinct leaders. Members of the Executive Committee three months or more in arrears on payment of dues may be removed by the Chair. "Party Cabinet" of leaders meets monthly. Chair may add members to this cabinet.
FranklinChair may appoint to Central Committee up to one less than those elected to the Committee.
HamiltonEach city, village and township shall have a Central Committee composed of the Central Committee persons of the respective city, village or township. Each Ward shall have a Democratic Club with precinct leaders and all other interested Democrats.
LorainEach political subdivision may adopt its own By-laws.
Lucas"Executive Director" may be chosen by Executive Committee Chair to run the affairs of the organization.
MahoningOnly those Central Committee members who live in the political subdivision of a candidate seeking endorsement may participate in voting to approve or not approve the candidate.
MedinaIf member of Executive Committee misses three meetings he or she may be removed from the Committee by majority vote
MontgomeryEndorsement of candidates on the ballot for the May primary may take place as early as the December Central Committee meeting. (This is prior to the deadline for the filing date.) The Screening Committee may begin meeting at least three weeks before the December Central Committee meeting to begin consideration of endorsements for the May primary election.
SummitThere is a Steering Committee.
TrumbullEndorsements only for district or county offices
WarrenComplete financial report made each year for all Central Committee members.
WayneHas Jackson Day Banquet Committee that plans the annual Jackson Day Banquet, a major fund raising event.